Malindi is a peaceful coastal town where life is lived at it’s own relaxed rhythm, a place whose history is as mysterious and fascinating as the winding streets of it’s medieval Swahili town. 

Ayaan in Malindi

Abshir Villa


We were not prepared to fall under the spell of this hypnotic part of the coast. We happily spent our days splashing in the shallow waters on the long wide beaches. We watched Fishermen wade waist-deep with wide nets to catch seafood and dhows raise their triangular sails to skirt past the coral reef. After long days relaxing by the beach, late afternoons were spent walking in oldtown, where fragrant spices waft from local markets, and you can step back in time and explore the ancient buildings. We browsed stands owned by the Masai who sell beautifuly handcrafted beadwork and stepped into a few shops to stock up on hand sewn beaded leather sandals and kikoi's....we ended up purchasing far too many.

Most nights were spent eating at a restaurant called Old Man And The Sea, perched on the seafront near the fishing jetty, in an old moorish house, with boda boda (motorcycles) and tuk tuks zooming past the front. This stylish former house turned restaurant, is known as one of the best places in town for its fresh seafood. We couldn't get enough and came back almost every night to enjoy the mouthwatering dishes.