MATAANO 100% Silk CDC and Organza sleeveless button front shirt  | 100% silk cdc wide leg culottes.


MATAANO 100% Silk CDC button front slip dress 

Yagazie Emezi

MATAANO 100% Silk Organza shirt  |  100% Silk CDC wide leg culottes

Ever since her enigmatic videos debuted on YouTube, Nigerian-native YAGAZIE EMEZI has been on everyone’s radar, including ours. Yagazie is a natural born storyteller who can captivate an audience – simply by sharing random anecdotes of her daily life. This pragmatic view on life has helped her YouTube videos go stratospheric. On a recent trip to Lagos, we make it a point to track Yagazie down in hopes of collaborating with her and possibly shooting her for Mataano.

We first meet up with the rising star at her home in Victoria Island. In person, the softly spoken beauty known for her unmistakable curly fro, is dressed simply in a black t-shirt and track shorts; her famous hair is braided down to her hip. Her style is deliberately unfussy. Listening to her talk, it’s quickly becomes clear that she is a perfect fit for Mataano. Thankfully, she is also a fan of our work. With introductions out of the way, we make plans to shoot her in a few key looks from our SS15 collection.

On the day of the shoot we meet up with Yagazie in Ikoyi, an affluent neighborhood in Lagos. The location we choose is beautifully decorated and the perfect backdrop for our shoot. The shoot is designed to capture Yagazie in the special moments within her every day. These moments include her working on her laptop or working on sketches for her upcoming book.

The images turn out exactly as we envisioned. We are excited to share them with you and hope you like them as much as we do.



Check out Yagazie's videos on her YouTube channel and visit her website at

 If you are based in Lagos, Nigeria Mataano is availabe at Temple Muse